Adaptive Infrastructure

Always be ready

Core infrastructure is a foundation, the essential layer that no one should notice but makes everything else possible. Your technology must be prepared for constant change, and our managed service expertise is backed by a powerful, resilient network.

Every great digital transformation needs reliable and scalable architecture to underpin its long-term success. We can give you the ideal platform to enable whatever it is you’re striving to achieve.


You can have your cake and eat it too.

Wireless, fixed, software-defined or some other hybrid arrangement, Telstra Purple will ensure your project gets the bedrock it needs – either based on Telstra’s core network technologies, or even outside it through our global partners.

We are all about delivering based on your specific needs, so we’ll ensure the network is designed and delivered just for you.


You don’t want to migrate your data centres and digital services on a whim.

So consulting carefully to design the right cloud for you from the very start will set standards that give you the strength and agility you’re looking for.

Public, private or hybrid, Telstra Purple can devise a cloud that suits you, for today and tomorrow.


You can count on us to chart a course through the minefield and then give you the map.

We can offer financially-backed SLAs and up to 24x7x365 proactive or reactive support to give you peace of mind, along with cost-effective and robust protection for every aspect of your operation.

Authentication, regulatory compliance, data sovereignty, workflow automation: we’ll take care of the details while you take care of business.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are ready to assist in almost every business context.

That means automation excellence at the ready to save time and money, while uncovering new insights and potential for your team.

Give the grunt work to the machines so your people can focus on the valuable work that only humans are capable of.

Why Telstra Purple for Adaptive Infrastructure

Expertise: We are the biggest Australian-owned technology services business around, with a powerful network driving it all. Infrastructure is in our blood, and we can move rapidly to show you the potential of a transformed version of your business.

Empowerment: Giving you the right infrastructure lets us leave you to your work, safe in the knowledge the network will adjust to your needs as you grow. By dealing with the low-level technicalities, you can feel empowered to spend your days on the pursuit of high-level success.

End-to-end delivery: No one can do everything quite like Telstra Purple. Networks, security, data, storage, applications, integration. We can help you to centralise your digital services and enjoy seamless operations with our managed services support.

Explore how an adaptive infrastructure can transform your business.

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