Cloud Adoption Framework

Our Cloud Adoption Framework helps organisations achieve enterprise-wide transformation through a shared understanding of objectives, success metrics, strategy, assessment and cost-benefit analysis.  We’ll help you articulate your transformation vision through our best practices and expert guidance.

Is your organisation ready for the cloud? 

We'll partner with you to unlock innovation through Cloud adoption by: 

  • Providing a safe environment fostering innovation with minimal investment and commitment.
  • Investing in maintaining highly trained and certified people skilled in bringing the latest platform innovations.
  • Helping you move to the cloud confidently, securely and ensure maintenance with an audited managed service, freeing you to innovate with the latest features of the platform.
  • Transforming through cloud-native development to build and configure custom solutions delivering cost-effective solutions with modern data stores and flexible networking to solve real business problems.

Our team of experts will help you harness the power of adaptive infrastructure by:

  • Providing an extensible foundation with strong governance, policy and security guardrails but with the flexibility and scalability to grow and adapt.
  • Facilitating safe and secure migration to an environment that is well managed, maintained and governed so you can focus on your core business.
  • Offering freedom of choice between hyperscalers, Azure, AWS and GCP with the strongest partner relationships and the highest standards of certification and specialisation across platforms.


> Cloud Strategy to align organisational strategy and priorities with cloud adoption outcomes

> Readiness identification of technical & organisation change required for cloud adoption

> Workload Assessment through automated environments discovery and application assessment


> Define governance and policies guardrails & organisationally sensitive processes and disciplines

> Agree on a target state for applications and workloads and plan migration

> Initiate dependant remediation projects for organisation and technical alignment with best practice


> Cloud Foundation 

> Implementation of governance and policy delivering a landing zone & deployment processes or pipelines

> Migration via a factory migration approach in line with migration strategy outcomes


> Manage of base-level infrastructure using highly scalable digital management services

> Bespoke and custom cloud and application managed services

> Optimise continual improvement of cloud platform

> Transform application data and infrastructure to cloud native