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Explore how we're helping customers get ahead in their digital transformation, bringing people and purpose together.

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A selection of insights, analysis and fresh perspectives to help you define your business future.

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Read the latest in technical insights from our experts, with a deep dive into next-gen technologies.

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App Modernisation. Your journey starts here.

90% of organisations will use an integrated IaaS and PaaS provider by 2022.

Avoid the pitfalls and unlock all there is to know about app modernisation with our Essential Guide to App Modernisation.

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Helping you connect, stay secure & remain productive

Our Telstra Purple experts explore the challenges organisations are currently facing and give actionable and practical advice. Learn how to adopt, scale and manage remote working capability to ensure business continuity and productivity, so your organisation can adapt to changing community and market conditions.

Stay connected

Watch how you can manage connectivity to allow for optimal working conditions and what your business can do in preparation to return to work.

Stay secure

See what businesses can do to stay secure in a flexible working environment and what Telstra did to implement its own security assessment.

Remain productive

See what businesses can do to determine, leverage and manage the right devices and applications to help support your people to remain productive.

Enabling a secure and flexible workforce to keep communities connected

An Australian energy company had to radically rethink their infrastructure to enable their employees to work remotely with easy, simple access to applications to deliver a seamless service to their customers.

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The latest in technology trends and insights

Our Telstra Purple experts share their learnings from working with our customers out in the field.

Building the AWS Client VPN

Renewed interest in the managed VPN service.

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Forced Tunneling options in Azure

Better manage and control your outbound traffic from within your Azure virtual networks.

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Zero-Touch BitLocker with PowerShell

Automating the activation of BitLocker disk encryption on your corporate laptops.

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The impact of Covid-19 on business continuity

The daily challenge of how to maintain mission-critical operations.

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