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The rise of remote working combined with the growth of cloud delivered services since the pandemic hit is creating completely new or previously overlooked cybersecurity challenges.

Knowing what and how to implement and maintain the right security controls to safeguard your systems, premises, customer data and ultimately your reputation can be quite complex, especially if it’s not driven strategically with a partner who can then follow through with end to end capabilities

That’s where Telstra Purple comes in. 

Cyber Security expertise

We can help you manage your cyber security risk in a thorough way, from emerging security threats to scaling your security at pace with 220 specialists, powered by Telstra’s advanced network and adaptive capabilities, to ensure repeatable and secure outcomes can evolve with your business and the threat landscape.

We’ll advise you on the right approach to security based on your industry and risk appetite. We will design and build the security systems to meet these needs and help you mature your security so you can:


Understand and advise on cyber risks to your business with a data-driven security approach.


Ensure business outcomes are secure through a well-defined roadmap to a specific operating model.


Secure by design from cloud to edge on the same network managed by experts.


Improve security in a dynamic environment and stay safe by continually improving security posture in an everchanging environment.

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Why Telstra Purple


We take our diverse tech experts, with track records of successful digital transformation, and team them up with yours to solve problems faster.


We have best-in-class partnerships with the world’s leading tech companies, so we can line up the right solution and unlock the best outcome for your business.

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