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Cloud guide

State of Cloud Migration Australia 2021 Report

This latest research by Omdia and Telstra Purple focuses on the state of cloud market in Australia, covering the critical challenges facing IT teams in moving workloads to the cloud, areas where investments are being made and the capabilities required to truly exploit the advantages that cloud brings.

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Cloud guide

Essential guide to managing cloud environments

This guide examines best practice insights to managing cloud environments securely and reliably, drawing upon the research and expertise of Omdia, Flexera, Forrester, Gartner and the customer insights Telstra Purple consultants have gained working with businesses across multiple industries on diverse cloud challenges.

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Cloud guide

Download Your Guide to Holistic App Modernisation

With most organisations still having a mix of on-prem legacy applications and cloud-native apps, there are immense complexities to overcome to develop a coherent, holistic roadmap that meets both the business’ short and long-term needs.

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James Ormesher and Davinia Simon

The Power of Collaboration

We discuss our strategic collaboration with AWS and explore how innovative technology can change the game for Australian business.

Matt Taylor and Pankaj Bhagwanani

Into the Future with 5G and Edge

Find out how we're joining forces with AWS to harness the power of Telstra's 5G network and Edge capability.

Peter Reid and Sarah Anderson

What's new for Cloud?

Watch out for these trends as we dive into the common challenges for navigating cloud in 2021.

Insights from our experts

Jon Young Flores

It's never too late to start improving your supply chain

For years, supply chains have been getting more global and interconnected. At the same time, consumers have been given greater choice leading to higher expectations of service. Caught in the middle is an industry that must meet these expectations within increasingly complex realities.

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Pankaj Bhagwanani

Optimising businesses on the Edge

While the past decade of digital transformation was marked by sending IT to the cloud, the next decade will be defined by proliferating smart and autonomous ‘Internet of Things’ devices at network extremities.

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Peter Reid

Cloud at scale: State of Cloud Migration Australia 2021 Report

Not long ago, cloud was still seen as a risky, untested proposition for critical enterprise workloads. Experience during the pandemic has shown what is possible, removed barriers and elevated confidence in cloud. Are Aussie businesses ready to take that impetus and ramp it up?

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John Powell

Dealing with Ransomware

The cyber defence techniques we’ve been using for years are increasingly important as the number and sophistication of attacks increase. To deal with ransomware, consider supplementing your current defences with deception technology.

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John Powell & Alex Dolan

Active cyber defence tips the scales back in favour of the enterprise

With a significant increase in phishing and malware attacks, it’s clear the more we rely on technology, the more we need to be proactive in our cybersecurity posture so we’re not just waiting to lose the battle.

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Mehdi Khalili & Dario Mratovich

Finding the right strategy to unlock the power of app modernisation

Real digital transformation touches everything. It needs to be an intentional undertaking. Not just apps, but processes, organisational structure and culture. Find the right vision and strategies to unlock the power of app modernisation.

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Stuart Low

SASE Demystified: Why it's the heart of the transformed enterprise

Still not sure how SASE fits your enterprise? Our security expert, Stuart Low, takes a look at what a shift to SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is really about, and key steps to getting from here to there. It’s been a tough year for business, but 2020 is turning into the ideal time to tackle a SASE transformation.

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Ed Chow

Beyond the VPN: how zero trust leads to a SASE future

VPNs are based on decades old technology, and 2020 has seen many of these once trusted enterprise platforms become a convenient initial access vector for bad actors. How can you secure connectivity for your remote workforce and enable a zero trust strategy?

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Peter Reid

Yesterday’s cloud isn't tomorrow’s cloud: So how do you build yours?

Cloud has shifted from the basics of data storage toward amazingly flexible and powerful application platforms. Learn how you can take advantage of the best of cloud with a truly agile mindset.

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