18 Feb 2020

Improving data quality and governance across 1,500 customer sites

Macutex is a leading service provider to the property and facility asset industry throughout Australia. The firm supports government and private-sector owners and managers of multi-site asset portfolios to aid them in better understanding their risks, opportunities and priorities.

The Macutex team were looking for ways to optimise their existing data automation processes, intending to improve data integrity, increase productivity and modernise workflows via a custom-built application.

Key Issues

  • The scale of projects Macutex works on is significant. For example, a project integrated 1,500 sites and required the transport of a substantial number of data assets.
  • The Macutex team wanted to automate workflows through a centralised database to provide improved governance, greater control, and replicate workflows for future projects.
  • Macutex needed a reliable partner to advise them on their requirements and help them manage the data lifecycle.
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Macutex engaged Telstra Purple to investigate alternative solutions to data storage and data management through spreadsheets and micro-coding. The Telstra Purple team interviewed key stakeholders within the business to review current processes for inefficiencies, gaps and risk.

The team developed a hybrid product to transition users to the new application smoothly, offering the opportunity to input, store and manage data processing in the backend. A spreadsheet format user interface was also developed to maintain front-end consistency.

The solution was built using a centralised SQL server database to manage large volumes of data and a Web API for greater access to data and integration across applications.

As part of the process we:

  • Built a business case outlining the importance of this project and how it could be funded.
  • Partnered with Macutex to develop the software specifications through an agile working model which provided access to the minimum viable product (MVP) at the end of each sprint.
  • Created a suitable backend solution to improve reporting speed, accuracy, and quality.


During the two-month process, Telstra Purple developed a solution for Macutex that refines the quality of recorded data, reduces inconsistencies, and improves the recommendations they can provide to their customers. The application improves data storage options and increases team productivity through automated data cross- checking. Macutex has enlisted Telstra Purple as a managed service provider to continue to upgrade the application, as well as monitor for any potential security risks or technical issues.

The solution delivers:

  • Better access to data and integration across applications.
  • Improved quality control through a centralised and automatic data import and transformation process.
  • Increased efficiency through automation and data accuracy, freeing up team resources for other projects.
“Macutex was able to lock data down with a sense check that was unavailable before this project. We’re working with 1,500 sites across Victoria, and much of the data we require is similar in format but with different data inputs. We can now automate the repeatable tasks, saving considerable time and ensure the quality of the product we offer to our customers. It’s been a learning curve, but our team are now fully on board with the new application. It’s a game-changer” 

Louise Martin, Manager - Project Optimisation, Macutex.