Best of both cloud worlds: Telstra Hybrid Cloud

8 December 2021: Telstra Purple today announced the next generation of Telstra Hybrid Cloud – a fully integrated, flexible and secure managed public and private cloud solution.

Telstra Hybrid Cloud delivers the best of both cloud worlds, as customers navigate their public cloud platforms from global hyperscalers including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, alongside Telstra Private Cloud – built on Dell Technologies and VMWare software – which hosts customer data onshore in Australian data centres.

Available as a self-serve solution, Telstra Hybrid Cloud can also be fully managed by the Telstra Purple team who can take care of updating, patching and 24x7 monitoring, while organisations maintain control of their day-to-day virtual machine operations.

Head of Telstra Purple, Chris Smith said Telstra Hybrid Cloud would help deliver meaningful digital transformation for customers at pace and scale.

“Hybrid cloud isn’t a new concept, in fact research shows more than 80 per cent of organisations are already relying on it for their applications and workloads, but the reality of managing multiple clouds isn’t for everyone, with only 41 per cent of respondents ‘well prepared’ for their future cloud journey. Hybrid Cloud from Telstra Purple takes managing the complexity of multiple clouds away by offering it as a fully managed service.

“Our customers can expect full control over the scalability and optimisation of their chosen cloud infrastructure via the Hybrid Cloud solution, and if they need additional support, the cloud experts at Telstra Purple can help,” Smith said.

In a hybrid cloud model, customers can retain their most sensitive and low-latency applications and workload in their private cloud, while maximising the scalability of public cloud and its cost efficiencies for other workloads. By combining Telstra Hybrid Cloud with Adaptive Networks and security solutions, customers and employees get a superior application performance, whether collaborating or transacting over a B2B interface.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, cloud-based digital transformation has allowed companies to continue working even as their workforces have become disparate. Hybrid cloud environments play a key role in supporting hybrid working as organisations require flexibility, security and the ability to scale to meet constantly changing employee needs.

“Cloud is a key enabler of digital transformation and a thriving digital economy as the nation bounces back in 2022. Telstra Hybrid Cloud will help make digital transformation easier than ever before by delivering multiple clouds through a single unified cloud infrastructure,” Smith said.

Available in early 2022 for Telstra Enterprise customers, industry sectors most likely to benefit from Telstra Hybrid Cloud include supply chain, retail, government, agribusiness, financial services, mining and energy.

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About Telstra Purple

Formed in September 2019, Telstra Purple is the largest Australian owned technology services business, bringing together Telstra Enterprise’s business technology services capabilities and acquired companies (e.g. VMtech, Kloud, Readify), to focus on outcome-based, transformative technology solutions.  

Telstra Purple currently has access to almost 1500 experts working across a range of disciplines including network, security, cloud, collaboration, data and analytics mobility, software and design.