Telstra Private Cloud available in Melbourne Data Centre

Following the successful March 2022 launch of Telstra Private Cloud in Sydney, Telstra has announced the expansion of Telstra Private Cloud in Melbourne as an additional availability zone, available from November 30. Customers will be able to purchase a virtual data centre in either or both availability zones, typically accessible within a few hours of ordering.

Telstra Private Cloud offers customers a virtual data centre built on dedicated infrastructure, owned and hosted in Australia. Telstra selected Dell Technologies to deliver the platform, utilising Dell’s APEX Data Centre Utility solution and VMware to provide the virtualisation layer. With security, compliance, and networking at its core, Telstra Private Cloud helps businesses accelerate sovereign digitisation.

This private cloud solution is designed with built-in lifecycle and speed of deployment, much like a public cloud. Ideal for consistent always-on workloads, while offering more predictable cost and performance you would expect from private cloud. Built secure by design, the platform is certified against the ISO27001 security framework.

“As Australian organisations continue their adoption of cloud technology, we see increasing sophistication in their cloud needs. Our customers are asking Telstra for public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and Edge solutions. While virtualised workloads drove the initial demand for Private Cloud, increasingly we see organisations looking to Private Cloud and Edge for cloud sovereignty and data cloud capabilities” said Angela Logothetis, Group Owner for Edge and Cloud, Telstra.
“Through the combination of Dell’s infrastructure leadership and Telstra’s Adaptive Networks, we are bringing to market a unique solution for local businesses, providing the confidence and control needed to innovate while allowing customers to pay only for what they use,” said Renee DeLaine, Senior Director, Global Alliances, Dell Technologies. 

This solution forms part of the Telstra Hybrid Cloud ecosystem, where customers can purchase, manage, and deploy public and private cloud environments through a single provider and through the web-based Telstra Cloud Sight portal. Customers can leverage cloud migration capability and experience from Telstra Purple and accredited Telstra Enterprise Partners to enhance innovation and business transformation.

Today, our customers are taking advantage of the Hybrid Cloud ecosystem from Telstra to run their core business operations. Telstra Cloud Connector helps facilitate a Hybrid Cloud strategy by enabling connectivity between public and private cloud environments. An example use case with our customers is using Telstra Private Cloud to host their ERP system, while deploying cloud native SaaS from Telstra, such as database services, while enabling connectivity with Cloud Connector.

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