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Bring cloud apps and data analytics closer to users enhancing performance with Telstra Edge.

Enable Enhanced performance and improved resilience. Bring your cloud closer to users with Telstra Edge.

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The world is moving at a faster pace now more than ever — and business moves at the same speed. The greater use of real-time data, as well as growing expectations from customers, is backing the old IT model into a tight corner. When you work with us, there’s no IT platform alliance or vendor lock-in. We’ll work with you and our industry-leading partners to bring together the best cloud technologies to create the right solution for lasting change. We can help modernise your legacy applications to help deliver all the benefits of cloud—and help your business become more agile, efficient and secure, whilst driving innovation based on rich insights.

Building a platform for the future of your business right on the edge.

The edge is a critical component to the digital future of businesses—helping to reduce latency and improve reliability for faster, connectivity-agnostic AI and machine learning processing that is readily scalable to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Telstra Edge enables apps and data analytics closer to your users, so you can seize the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. A part of our Adaptive Cloud solutions, Telstra Edge enables life video analytics, IoT, and Industry 4.0 use cases to help deliver improved safety, security, operational efficiency, and business insights.

Our experts at Telstra Purple can provide professional and managed service capabilities to help you take charge of your cloud workload placement, with the goals of reducing complexity, simplifying data management, and improving application performance.

Our expertise

At Telstra Purple, we take a consulting-led approach to work closely with you and your teams to ideate, prioritise, and roadmap edge use cases specific to your business priorities. Our experts will also help assess your needs so that your solution capabilities are right-sized to your technology requirements so you can face evolving challenges head-on.


Discover and understand the breadth of possibilities with Telstra Edge that can help unleash the potential of your business.


We’ll help you and your teams identify the best opportunities and define the ways we can develop a solution to your business advantage.


Together, we’ll co-create a solution with our experts with you every step of the way, from deployment to adoption and change management. We’ll also provide you with the knowledge you need to run the show after we’ve wrapped up.


Telstra Purple experts are also equipped with the skills and experience to provide repeatable and managed services to ensure the continued value of your investments.

State of Cloud, Edge, and Security in Australia 2023-24 Report

Insights into cloud migration preparedness, cyber security breach impacts, edge computing adoption challenges, and rise in consulting and professional services demand.

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Business transformation is an ongoing, evolving opportunity, so we also work on providing you with the right tools and understanding to run the show when we’ve wrapped up.


We bring together our team of over 1,500 diverse tech experts with yours to solve business challenges at pace.


We have a strong history of partnering with industry-leaders, including with Microsoft Azure.

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Your cloud is only as good as your network. Our adaptive capabilities, unrivalled reach, and 24X7 local service desk ensure a seamless experience.

Disclaimer: Actual benefits and results will vary, and are dependent on a number of factors including the particular use case, technology used and customer specific factors.

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