T-SAP with Azure

Scale, secure, and maximise your SAP

Leverage the flexibility and scalability of T-SAP on Azure to innovate while maximising your investment.

In an ever-evolving business landscape, enhancing your ERP’s scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security is even more critical.

Maximising the benefits of SAP on Azure whilst you focus on innovating and running your core business is now possible with T-SAP from Telstra Purple.

Designed and built with a focus on leveraging the modern, market-leading Azure infrastructure and its benefits, T-SAP brings you the best of both worlds, as well as providing the foundation to sharpen your competitive advantage.

Our Telstra Purple experts will help provide a seamless experience when maximising your SAP—from assessment and optimisation to transformation and analytics.

Our expertise

Working with Telstra Purple means that you have a trusted partner throughout the process of moving your SAP to a managed Azure environment—giving you the flexibility and agility you need to future-proof your business without the pressure of keeping everything on and optimised yourself.

Our partnership with Microsoft—one of SAP’s leading partners opens the door to more benefits and possibilities for your business.

Platform implementation

Install a production platform on Azure Cloud which offers leading service-level agreements.

SAP migration and management

We’ll migrate and manage your SAP so you can spend your valuable time and resources on innovating your core business.

Intelligence and insights

We’ll help you migrate your ERP data to Azure Synapse to unlock the potential of your data and improve your operations.

Managed end-to-end

Working with our experts will help ensure your SAP is managed, patched, and upgraded—with a single point of accountability.

Seamless experience

From engineers sitting in the same office to combined support models, Telstra Purple’s focus is to make seamless experiences possible for you.

Enhanced data opportunities

We’ll help you integrate your SAP and non-SAP data on Azure to create real-time, BI-enhanced dashboards.

Robust security

Azure offers SAP- and HANA-certified VMs to run mission-critical apps across a number of regions.

Access to more innovation

We’re constantly co-developing product integrations, best practices, and reference architectures with Microsoft to enhance innovation.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We combine the power of Azure together with Telstra’s advanced multi-access networks and our deep domain expertise to deliver outcomes at pace.

As a member of the exclusive Azure Expert MSP Program, we have access to the best expertise, tools and support to help you on your journey.

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How can Azure enhance SAP?

Discover how bringing your SAP onto Azure delivers many benefits, which can help your business achieve and do more.

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Why Telstra Purple

Business transformation is an ongoing, evolving opportunity, so we also work on providing you with the right tools and understanding to run the show when we’ve wrapped up.


We bring together our team of over 1,500 diverse tech experts with yours to solve business challenges at pace.


We have a strong history of co-creation and the highest accreditation with Microsoft. Telstra Purple is one of only 65 Azure Expert Managed Service Providers worldwide.

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