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DevOps started as an approach to software delivery that accelerate software delivery times, reduce time to implement customer feedback and boost productivity - ultimately empowering the creators in your organisation to innovate faster. DevOps has evolved into a cultural shift for teams and organisations that combines people, processes and tooling to produce value for customers safely, and at high velocity.

Telstra Purple, partnering with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), can help you get the most out of your cloud application and software development teams. We will assess your development environment, demonstrate DevOps models to suit your business, build a roadmap to move your teams into the DevOps world, and providing training necessary to maximise the potential of DevOps for your business.

This proven approach can help your business respond rapidly to customer feedback, reduce costs, seize market opportunities whilst improving product quality.

Our expertise

Telstra Purple’s DevOps service is designed to supercharge your cloud application and software development practice by going through a four-phased approach to move you from traditional development practices to more agile DevOps.

We live and breathe the DevOps world with our own customer projects and our expert teams work hand-in-hand with Microsoft and AWS to stay up to date with the latest technology and platforms.

Our experts will work with you at every stage of the modernisation process including:


We will assess your development practices from the ground up. We examine your tools, processes, skillsets, current cloud footprint, governance and regulatory landscape, and the business continuity requirements of your applications or deployment needs.


Our expert consultants will take real use cases from within your environment, and work with your teams to provide a Proof of Concept of what a DevOps process in Azure or AWS could look like. We have experts in Azure and AWS that can help improve your DevSecOps posture whether you are new to the process or already have existing investments in place.


After working through the assessment and demonstration phases, we will put together a step-by-step roadmap of the tasks required to adopt a DevOps practice. This is a collaborative process working with your teams to ensure any business context and constraints are taken into account.


We will conduct training workshops with your developers, testers, QA teams, and project teams to bring them up to speed with the new DevOps world in Azure or AWS. We’ll ensure your teams have the confidence to continue building and developing the DevOps mindset, showing them how they can work together differently and streamline processes without risking quality.

Our partners

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Business transformation is an ongoing, evolving opportunity, so we also work on providing you with the right tools and understanding to run the show when we’ve wrapped up.


We bring together our team of over 1,500 diverse tech experts with yours to solve business challenges at pace.


We have a strong history of co-creation with industry-leading partnerships and alliances, including with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

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